The MajnoonsHomage to a famous album cover....Treek Treek

NEW RELEASE | Majnoons - || REPETITION ||. Limited edition 7" heavy-weight vinyl. Advance release available from Rough Trade records. Single comes with a DVD special, main show available on youtube, and Vimeo. Latest review for ALL DAY LONG here. Would you like to wiggle?

Single reviews for Majnoons' first single, Mono Mono here; |Whisperin and Hollerin| |TastyFanzine| |Subba-Cultcha|.

Words for Majnoons' first single :-

"hot and funky with a gritty undertow of bass, though it's also light on its feet...This vinyl treasure is so delectable, I wish I could eat it.....a dense, steady production, a funky break & groovy bassline with lots of anthemic ad-libbing....Highly ltd, hand no'd 7" on thick wax with tasty stamped tracing paper fold-around sleeve....Mighty Boosh-styled lyrical dexterity and an air of cool that you just can’t shift.......the mix of sounds and how some are ever so slightly disjointed just reaffirms that you’re in the presence of something special! Phew!"

Snippet from a French blog here, from the |Hype Machine|!

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