Majnoons - Mono Mono
THE MAJNOONS – MONO MONO – DLC RECORDS Formed of one man from Wales, and the other from New Zealand – this coming together bridges nationalities, focusing purely on the music, which is a loose, dare I say baggy-influenced mix of funk licks, Mighty Boosh-styled lyrical dexterity and an air of cool that you just can’t shift. The song doesn’t really have a chorus, per se, but the mix of sounds and how some are ever so slightly disjointed just reaffirms that you’re in the presence of something special!


ALH - Hoppers and Fledgelings
- Album: 'HOPPERS & FLEDGELINGS' - Label: 'DESERT LOCUST CONTROL (' - Genre: 'Indie' - Release Date: 'June 2005'- Catalogue No: 'DLCCDLP001'

I’m not really sure what to make of "Hoppers And Fledgelings" by ALH but on first impressions it’s certainly refreshingly different. ‘Born Way Down’ is a dub infused groove that takes you back to Screamadelica and introduces the interesting vocal style that becomes a theme throughout the album. Via some a cappella harmonies it links seamlessly into ‘Departure’ which features another bass fuelled groove in accompaniment to the sing-come-rap that name checks Colin McRae, Linford Christie, Road Runner and erm, MacGyver to name but a few.

‘Dealer Takes Five’ carries the slightly sweaty scent of the Stereo MCs, and blends strings, guitar, loops, harmonies and hushed vocals – just about everything you could name, and manages to get away with it. ‘Birds’ follows in the same vein, introducing some nice female vocals and a cool breakdown bit.

‘Namecheck’ is a standout track, a rolling head-nodder; one for cruising the streets late at night. The different segments of the song all work well together and Alh’s singing seems to work best on this one too.

Closer ‘Liver & Onions’ takes a more sinister route before blossoming into a chilled string-imbued instrumental meander. It’s another likeable track; something you could expect to discover as you walked with trepidation down the stairs to a seedy basement club you’d never visited before.

I’d sum up "Hoppers and Fledglings" like this: it’s all highly creative stuff, musically impressive and excellently produced. It’s just the singing that might be something of an acquired taste; think somewhere between Rob Birch and the John Barnes rap on 'World In Motion' and you wouldn’t be far off.


author: Sam Holding

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This is brilliant stuff-creative, and quite unique! ------------- Author: docward 12 December 2005

Great stuff - these people are carving their own path through the musical wasteland! The rapping on Departure, the vision of Liver and Onions. Deserve to have wider recognition - hope they get it.... ------------- Author: marmaduke 13 December 2005

How refreshing is it to finally come across such an innovative group of artists who spend their time focussing on the earthier side of creativity. Tapping into imagination through the challenge of combining a difference in cultural substance and the hurdle of uniting peoples vision of music across thousands of miles. I have lived in both australia, england and new zealand and I can honestly say the ALH have combined so many different styles that reflect these places that are geographically worlds apart. I can't imagine the hard work that must h...shortened comments ------------- Author: little big man 24 December 2005

Cont.....Hard work must have gone into bringing it all together. In an industry cluttered with fake pop idols who will last as long as thier midriffs do it is wonderful to listen to music with depth, interllect and creativity. Keep the faith boys, for all our sakes. ------------- Author: little big man 24 December 2005

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Alh are an unusual hip-hop/rock collective with members spread as far apart as the UK and Australasia. The results are understandably varied but the disparate ideas usually merge into something coherent and satisfying. The scattershot vocal delivery and subdued atmospheres of 'Departure' could have come straight from the recent Subtle album whilst 'Born Way Down' hits on a groove that recalls the Madchester sounds of the early 90's. Alh's primary focus, though, seems to be geared towards filmic, slightly unnverving background music with narration or rapping over the top; peaking with the misery-tinged 'Dealer Takes Five' and their signature tune 'Namecheck'. Despite occasional worrying moments when they sounds like mid-90s no-marks The Dust Junkys, Alh have served notice that they can be an experimental hip-hop act that remain approachable as well as alternative. Track Listing;

01 Born Way Down 02 Departure 03 Fi My 04 Tidal River 05 Dealer Takes Five 06 Birds 07 Namecheck 08 Liver & Onions Namecheck = Standout Track


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